About Us

solutionsIn present conditions, the commercial success of companies depends on primarily their ability to compete. Companies with high competitive ability are growing in a profitable way by standing out. The only way to be successful in competition is to restructure according to the circumstances of the competitive environment.

Markakobi is to make the works for advancing their investments safely to be made in Turkey and overcoming quickly and efficiently the legal and bureaucratic procedures in Turkey to the foreign companies operating in different sectors and the investors.

It provides seamless progression to the operations of the investor corporate and private clients by providing a fast and cost-effective solutions with the expert advisors on various topics and the legal personnel within the Markakobi.

It ensures being made patents and industrial designs as well as trademark registration procedures in Turkey as recorded in the Turkish Patent Institute. Markakobi continuing  intellectual property studies of its customers in a general framework provides legal protection and ensures to maintain customers’ operations without any difficulties in Turkey.

Through the qualified personnel in our team, the necessary amendments are provided being conducted in accordance with the new Turkish Commercial Code in order to make trading of foreign investors in Turkey.

Markakobi containing the incentive experts within the team which are not hosted by many industrial property organization is able to move with the expert staff in the processes needed by foreign investors and provides result-oriented services for the foreign investors.