Partial Reasons for Rejection of Trade Mark Registration

In case an application is made by the owner of a registered Trade Mark or a brand that has been applied for registration your Trade Mark may be rejected for the reasons listed below:   If the Trade Mark that is applied for registration is the same with a Trade Mark registered or

Absolute Reasons for Rejection of Trade Mark Registration

 Trade Mark that are same or indistinguishable from a trade mark for the same or same type of goods that has been earlier registered or applied for registration. Trade Mark that lack details about type, kind, quality, quantity, purpose, value, geographical origin, date of production o

Cases of Infringe over the Trade Mark Rights

Usage of any sign of a registered Trade Mark that is included in the registration of the Trade Mark for the same type of products or services, Usage of any sign that can be mistaken for a registered Trade Mark for the same or resembling types of products or services, Usage of signs th

International Trade Mark Registration

On 01.01.1999 our country has signed the Madrid Protocol concerning International Trade Mark Registration. International registration system provides great advantages for companies that make partial trade abroad. The main advantage of the system is that it provides possibility to appl

Trade Mark Protection Period

A Trade Mark protection period is 10 years starting from the date of registration. This period can be extended with a condition of being renewed for 10 month periods. During the 10th year from the date of registration the application for renewal can be made 6 month before. If the term

Trade Mark Registration Stage

All official applications made to the Turkish Patent Institute are evaluated by the institute. If the result of the evaluation is positive, then the Trade Mark is being declared to the third persons in the direction of the registration. Trade Mark that are not objected during three mo

Advantages of Registering a Trade Mark

A Trade Mark registration application is evaluated by the Turkish Patent Institute the same day, hour and minute when applied. Applications for Trade Mark registration made by other enterprises after you are rejected (for the same or indistinguishable products and/or services. The rig

How many types of Trade Marks exist?

Shared Trade Mark It contains of symbols used by a group engaged in a production, trade or service administration. Shared Trade Mark is used to distinguish products or services of a group administration from products or services of another administrations. Guarantee Trade Mark Guarant

What is Trade Mark?

A Trade Mark is a label that can be affixed over products or packages and is designed in order to distinguish products or services of an enterprise from products or services of another enterprise and may contain personal names, special words, shapes, letters, numbers and any symbols t