Counseling at Trademark&Patent

Counseling at Trademark & Patent

Counseling at Trademark & Patent

Industrial property rights (Trademark Patent Design registrations) provide service and advice to clients within the relevant settlement of disputes and the lawsuits. The issues that we serve, include industrial property rights, copyright, trade name, unfair competition, customs seizure operations, the field names and the preparation /consultancy of international conventions on the referred issues.

Services in general;

– Making applications for trademark registration

– Making patent applications.

– Making applications for design registration

– The realization of due diligence for Industrial property rights

– Preparing and sending a dunning letter to prevent and suspend the actions violating the rights of industrial property .

– The opening of the case and the execution of the legal proceedings before judicial, penal and administrative authorities on the issues such as violating for Industrial property rights, unfair competition.

– The development of methods and strategies for the protection and implementation of industrial property rights.

– By being confiscated imitation products that violate the rights of Industrial property, making the operations for the initiation of criminal proceedings before the customs and,  the execution of confiscation decisions.

– The preparation of license, transfer agreements related to the exclusive rights arising from Trademark Patent Design registrations, and contractual arrangements for granting authorizations (franchising)  to produce and to sell goods and services for third parties.