International Trade Mark Registration

On 01.01.1999 our country has signed the Madrid Protocol concerning International Trade Mark Registration. International registration system provides great advantages for companies that make partial trade abroad. The main advantage of the system is that it provides possibility to apply for Trade Mark registration in 65 world countries with a condition of using one single language and pay one single fee.

In countries where you export yours products and where your Trade Mark is already known some companies may try to use the opportunity to register your Trade Mark in their country. Or a rival export company from the same sector in Turkey may use an opportunity and register your Trade Mark for their products and waste the billions you have spent for creating your name and coming at a certain level of quality and popularity. There is a risk that as a result of such an accident your products may even be confiscated at the customs supported by a court decision.

When such situations take place it always means big material and moral losses and also loss of time even if you manage to prove to a competent authority or court your ownership.

In order to be able to apply for a Trade Mark registration on the international platform you must at first register your trade mark or at least apply for the registration in your original country (in Turkey).
Click here to see the Madrid Protocol.