Trade Counseling

Trade Counseling

Trade Counseling

Each passing day, new laws and regulations are issued, in this context, It is a fact that they have to take legal measures in order not to be subjected heavy fines and compensations by being in unfair position without being aware of SMEs, under the new Turkish Commercial Code and the Code of Obligations.

The documents and the process of operation are examined, by making legal audits and investigations ​​about your company, incomplete and incorrect applications are revised, those not available prepared by us and the entire application is controlled from beginning to end in order to treat in  healthy legal process company’s field of activity and all other works with Legal Consultancy services.

With the works of the Legal Advisory Service, it is aimed to;

* The establishment of a secure legal framework in your company

* Minimizing the number of legal dispute

* Maximally protect the interests of the company in the encountered disputes,

* The ultimate goal is able to provide you “Protective and preventive legal services” before occurring the conflicts with the legal protection roof to be formed on the company and in this way contribute to the healthy development of your companies.